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- Her Escape - 6

s e l e n a

It was finally Friday, December 21st. I’m still alive though, mahmahmah. Today had been our last day before Christmas break and Jas and I had decided to skip. Well, I decided to skip and dragged Jasmine along with me. I played with iPhone 5 playing ‘Do Ya Dance.’ by Tyga and 2 Chainz, smirking. Jasmine was the only 2 Chainz fan and would always twerk when listening to him, well when were in the house alone. 

I watched as her chocolate brown eyes went wide suddenly as the beat began, “Turn it off!” She whispered yelled. “Nah, I’m good ma.” I had began twerking all over the place to make her mad. “Selena! Please.” She grabbed my shoulders to stop me. Once she successfully made me stop she hit me softly. “Are you on drugs?” She asked, shaking her head. “Maybe.” I linked arms with her again as we began walking.

m a u r i ce

"Had fun last night? Helping rich white folk?" I asked Derek as we walked towards the basketball court. He chuckled a bit, "It was a’ight, they tipped big bucks for just breathing." He shrugged his shoulders, "I met this kid the lil’ nigga had to be atleast 11 or something. He was cool and his sister yo .. she was fine as hell." I shook my head at this boy, "Yo’ canadian ass better not hit that. Rich girls don’t go away.." I warned him.

I noticed two girls in the basketball court. One was sitting on the ground giggling while the other danced around as if she was crazy. “The hell is this?” I rose a brow as Dare watched on, he pointed to the girl sitting on the ground. “That’s the girl I was telling you about.” I guess she noticed him because her eyes landed on us.

j a s m i n e

I noticed two guys walk into the basketball court causing me to grab Sel’s phone and turning off the music. She stopped jumping around and frowned, “Why’d you do that?” She tried grabbing her phone when they began walking towards us. “Can we leave? I’m out, I wanna go home and strip.” I quickly stood up, grabbing my bag. “No. Take off your sweater. No one told you to where that big ass thing.” I gave her a look, I didn’t want for her to see that I had been still cutting, there were fresh cuts on my wrists and I knew she would’ve flipped. “Hey ma.” The guy from yesterday said, licking his lips at me. 

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- Her Escape - 5

d e r e k

I watched as a smile formed on the girls’ lips, she began twisting her hair around her middle finger giggling at me. I licked my lips at the blonde haired blue eyed girl standing in front of me. She had barely any kind of boobs but she had an ass on her, “So uh, ma. What’s ya number?” I asked, licking my lips out of habit. “I thought you’d never ask.” She wrote down the 10 digit magic number on my hand, “Call me.” She winked before walking off to her table, twisting her ass. “Damn.” I said to myself, I felt a tap on my arm causing me to turn. I looked down at this little boy who had to be about 12 or something, “Yo?” I rose a brow at him.

“Let me tell you something about that girl you was just talking too, she’s easy. She opens her legs faster than my sister closes her room door, which is pretty damn fast. If you hit that, I advise you use a condom or something. Rumor has it she has STDs.” He said, causing me to knot my brows together. “Uh, who are you?” I chuckled. “Vales. Justin Vales.” He had a James Bond thing going on, “You?” He nodded his head to me, “Bieber. Derek Bieber.” I followed suit, laughing. “Nice to meet you, bro. You just started working today?” He asked me, I shook my head. “I’ont work for this company. My moms does, I came today because ain’t shit to do in my crib.” I shrugged.

j a s m i n e

“Jay, honey have you seen your brother?” I heard my fathers deep voice ask as we were clearing out of the hotel, “Uh .. he was talking to some guy last I saw.” I shrugged my shoulders watching as my mom pulled out her phone, “I’ll go find him..” I wandered off and began looking for the devil himself. “Justinnn..” I called out softly, I heard two laughs come from the side of the hotel.  I followed the laughter and saw Justin and that waitor boy talking. “Justin.. We gotta go..” I whispered, chewing at the inside of my lip. “Alright. Nice meeting you Derek.” He waved at the boy before running to me. “You too lil’ man.” ‘Derek’ laughed and smiled at me, winking. I blushed a bit before turning around and walking back to the car. “Found him.” I climbed in the backseat, putting my earbuds in.


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- Her Escape - 4

Her Escape ..

d e r e k

"Dare..?" My room door cracked open as a head popped in, I looked up from my phone to see my little sister, "Mom wants for us to help her tonight at work .. She said it’ll help us make money of our own." A smile appeared on her face. Jazmyn had a good heart, she always knew how to keep a smile on her face or make people smile. "Yeah, A’ight. I’ma get ready." I shrugged my shoulders, as she made her way over to me, "I love you, doofus." She mumbled, giving me a hug. I wasn’t big on the hug thing, but I hugged her back, "Yeah, I love you too, dumbalina." I chuckled softly watching her giggle before skipping out. 

I wasn’t sure what was going on, all I know is that there were a bunch of men in suits and women in gowns. I noticed a group of immature 13 year olds, running around the hotel lobby. A few preppy teen girls standing in a circle talking, they also wore dresses. I felt someone tug at my sleeve, I turned to see Jazmyn, “Come on, We’re gonna be helping serve the food.” She pulled me along, humming along to the music playing, it was soft yet slightly rockish. The lyrics went something like ‘Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City? You’re a thousand miles away, but tonight you look so pretty.’ I don’t know. 

j a s m i n e

I felt like an outcast, everyone was wearing gowns and crap and then there’s me. I noticed another girl wearing jeans and a shirt, but she looked as if she was working. All the boys here thought they were better than slice bread and it annoyed me. I felt an arm wrap around my wrist, tightly causing me to wince. “Jasmine, do you think you could ask the help to bring a bottle of wine to our table?” My father asked, letting my wrist go. He had a bad habit of touching my wrists to get my attention when I was zoned out. I nodded my head once, “Yea, sure.” I smiled fakely, standing up and making my way over to two teens who seemed to be the ‘help’. “Um, excuse me?” I gently taped the boys’ shoulder, his back was turned to me and he had earphones in. He turned to me, taking one earphone out. He looked familiarly but I couldn’t figure out where I knew him from, “Huh?” He asked, knitting his eyebrows together. “Are you um..” I trailed off, I felt uncomfortable saying ‘the help’ because it just sounded wrong. “Yeah, I am. What do you need, ma?” He had a slight accent, he stared at me oddly. 
"Um.. My table.." I turned to point to the table my parents and others were sitting at, "They need a bottle of wine.." I tilted my head, looking back at him. He had a slight smirk on his face, "I think I need to see ID to give you a bottle." He winked, still smirking. "But it’s not for me.. it’s for th.." He cut me off, chuckling. "I’m joking ma, I’ll have it sent to y’all." He smiled at me, winking once again as I turned to go back to my table.

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- Her Escape - 3

Her Escape ..

”Jasmine, baby girl come out now..” A shaky shaky voice said, as the closet a little girl with curly hair and chubby cheeks had been hiding in doors’ opened slowly, The lady reached for the small child who immediately jumped into her arms, holding onto her for dear life. “Mommy has to go away for a bit .. And you’re gonna have to stay with a family, But mommy promises to get better so I could get you back soon, okay?” The lady who had to be at least 20 whispered into the childs’ ear. “But mwommy..” The little girl whispered, tears began rolling down her cheeks as she held onto her mother tighter. “I don’t wanna weave you..” She began crying harder and harder as the Child Protective Services agents began tugging on her. “It’s time you let go.” Said one of the agents, “Mommy loves you..” She let the child go and handed her to the agents who held her and walked out. The girl began screaming louder and louder as they walked further away from her mother.


I jumped up, tears streaming down my face. That was the last memory I had of my biological mother, That was the last time I saw her face and the last time I heard her voice. I missed her with everything in me, no matter how much of a fuck up she had been I loved her. I wished she had kept her promise, I could’ve helped her with her drug addiction. Maybe I wouldn’t be so insecure if I had her there to love me for me. I just wanna see her face or at least hear her voice once more.

“Jay! It’s time to wake up.” My thoughts were interrupted by my adoptive mother opening up my room door, holding a bag from Macy’s in her hand. “We have an event to go to and it would mean a lot to us if you attended with us.” She placed the bag on my bed before walking out. I crawled to the end of my bed and looking in the bag. There was a sleeveless shirt with an owl, skinny jeans and a pair of black wedges. I sighed softly, taking it to the bathroom and began getting ready.

Once I was ready, I looked in my closet for a blazer or a cardigan to cover up my cuts, tonight was gonna be 100 percent l a m e.

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- Her Escape - 2

Her Escape ..

The halls were filled with teenagers, their mouths running a mile a minute, smiles on their faces and glows in their eyes. I guess sometime I wish I was one of them, happy every second of my life. But, I wasn’t. I was a depressed soul with nowhere to go, nothing to smile about. Nothing at all..

"Jay! Jay! Jay, wait up." My thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice, it was the voice of my favorite Latina aka my best friend, Selena. I turned to her slightly tilting my head as she ran through the halls of senior campus. She finally reached me, out of breath. Her left arm found my shoulder as she took a moment to catch her breath. "Are you deaf? You really need to stop listening to your music on full blast in your ears, Jay." She giggled a bit, pulling me into a tight hug. "I was thinking, I’m sorry.." I wrapped my arms around her little frame, I wished I had a body like hers, it was perfect in every way. Once we pulled away, she began talking again.. she’s always been the talker in our friendship, I usually just stand there and listen. "This week we get to go out and buy lunch, you’re coming with me. Alright?" We linked arms as she looked at me, her chocolate brown eyes burning into mine. "Of course.." I faked a small smile.

I wasn’t feeling too well. My head wasn’t really there at all during my classes, it wasn’t normal for this to happen to me. I also kept having the most awkward flashbacks of when I was around one, living with my biological mom. Those weren’t my best memories, at all. All I could hear was the sirens, the screams, the loud bangs on the door. Everything was blurry, my head was spinning, I felt nauseous and just not myself.

"Jasmine! Jasmine!" I felt my body being shook as I slowly came back to reality, looking into the eyes of Sel. "Huh? I’m here, I’m sorry.." I apologized, lord knows how long she was trying to get my attention. I looked around taking in notice of my locker, and well a whole wall of lockers.


"Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique, clique." Some new boy we had let into our ‘clique’ attempted rapping, he was dumb as fuck if you asked me. I think his name was Chaz or Christopher, some crap like that. I looked to him with a glare, "If you don’t shut the fuck up." I said through clenched teeth as we opened the door to the McDonald’s near our school. It was ‘go out and eat’ week or something, I don’t know. We stood on line, it was about 10 of us and standing infront of us was a group of girl. From the back they looked mighty fine, but you can’t judge off the ass- you gotta see the face to make the finally decision. They were rambling on about how ‘uncontrollably cute’ Trey Songz was, but one was quiet..real quiet. 

One of the girls, the real Latina one turned around glaring at my friend Maurice. I guess he had did something to her, I don’t know. “Don’t touch me, puta.” She said, pointing a finger at him. He was about to say something back before the quiet one turned her around, mumbling something to her. Maurice and I laughed, “Bitches.” He mumbled under his breath referring to the two.

"Jeremy, stop! You’re hurt..stop!" A woman’s voice cried as I entered my house, I knew the voice anywhere it was my mother. I dropped my bag and ran into her and her boyfriends bedroom. He had her pinned against the wall, choking her. I pulled him off of her throwing him across the room, "Don’t put your hands on my fucking mother!" I yelled at him, getting in his face. I was getting real tired of this mans bullshit. "That’s my bitch, Ima do whatever the fu.." I punched him dead in his eye before he even finished his sentence, "Get the fuck out my house." I dragged him by his collar to the front door, throwing him on the front lawn. "And don’t come back." I slammed the door shut, going back into the back.

"Derek, why would you do that?! That’s my boyfriend and the only reason we’re alive right now." My mom yelled at me, but I didn’t really have time for her bullshit either so I just walked into my room, closing my door and locking it.

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- Her Escape - 1

Her Escape ..

Let me tell you a story about a girl ..

Her name? Let’s keep her known as Jay, She’s 19 and lives in Los Angles, California. She had a lot of secrets that only one person knew, her best friend Selena. Maybe I should tell you a few of them? Yea, she has a eating disorder, she cuts her wrists and hips a lot, she’s very insecure about her body, she was adopted when she was 5 years old. Her biological mother had a drug problem putting Jay into a bunch of foster homes until she landed in the Vales’ residence, there she was treated like a little angel, but that began changing once the Vales’ had a child of their own – Justin. Jay was 9 when he was born, they slowly began forgetting about the young girl, it was like she was just a guest who would never leave. Her problems at home led her to being depressed a lot, it wasn’t right for a fourth grader to be so depressed but this was her life.

She began cutting her wrists when she was 11, She had barely started middle school when she was being bullied and cutting was her only escape, the next year she cut her hips and began starving herself because kids had been calling her ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. The only person who was there for her through it all was Selena, she hated the fact that Jay starved herself and cut herself. But all she could tell her was to ‘stop doing it, it’s not healthy for you.’ But Jay was her own person and blocked her out when she would say that.


As I looked in the mirror at myself – wearing only a bra and panties – I tilted my head to the side, poking my stomach a sigh escaped my lips. It was 5’oclock in the morning and almost time to begin getting ready for school. I opened my top dresser drawer and pulled out my Ziploc bag full of razor blades – I picked the sharpest one I had – before sliding it across my stomach, it stung a bit before the pain went away. I quickly went to my bathroom hopping into the shower, putting the water to it’s hottest, feeling the hot water burn into my fresh cuts stung but I was used to it. After standing there for a good 45 minutes, I began washing up. I shut the water off getting out, I wrapped my body tight in a towel. I searched my closet looking for something – It wasn’t cold out , but it wasn’t hot either. – I grabbed my sweatshirt with a mustache and glasses on it, some bleached jeans and my pastry sneakers.  After I got fully ready, I grabbed my messenger bag that was decked out in a whole bunch of buttons from hot topic and my iPhone 4S and ran downstairs trying to walk out the door before my younger brother Justin saw me.

“Jay!” His voice said as soon as my hand touched the doorknob, a sighed softly before heading to the kitchen, “Yes Juju?” I flashed him a small smile at him. “Can you walk me to school today?” He pouted cutely, “Because, you didn’t sing me to sleep last night..” He smirked. I shook my head at this boy for a 9 year old he was pretty persuasive. “Fine, grab your bag and let’s go.” He hoped off the stool at the counter running to get his bag.


“Derek, what’re you doing?” An annoying voice rang through my ears as I rolled my blunt up for later. “What’s it look like I’m doing?!” I snapped, turning my head to my 14 year old sister Jazmyn. “I thought you were gonna stop..” She looked down at her worn out chucks, I shook my head. “Fuck off, Jazmyn.” I shooed her off. Once my blunt was rolled, I slid it in my drawer grabbing my backpack. I went to the front of the house, “I’m out.” I threw up the deuces before walking out and heading to school.